Promoting your territory thanks to podcasts: case of Gironde Tourisme

Promoting Your Territory Thanks to Podcasts: Case of Gironde Tourisme


The 2020 pandemic period was difficult on many sectors, especially tourism, which was strongly affected by health restrictions. At the same time, the podcast format has experienced a 48% increase in listening in France over the same year.

Territories must double their efforts to bring back visitors, and the podcast format seems to be a great opportunity to reinforce the appeal of its territory and enhance its value to the public.

In order to present to you the value of the podcast format in tourism, we are going to look at a recent production realized with Gironde Tourisme for its series: La minute iconique

This one aims at helping you to discover 18 key places of the Gironde in a fun and original way.

Through this realization, we will show how the podcast can be part of a tourism promotion strategy.


I – A Clear Objective : To Make its Territory Appealing

II – The Podcast, a New Communication Tool for Tourism

III – How to set up a podcast for your tourist office?




🌄 A Clear Objective : To Make its Territory Appealing

The main objective of a tourist office is to promote its territory and make it appealing in order to gain popularity.

A department like the Gironde, where sea and wonders are mixed, is a very popular place for tourists. But, they sometimes know only one facet of it. More than a place for summer relaxation, the Gironde is a real treasure trove, overflowing with historical anecdotes and surprising tales that many people still ignore.

To make people discover the heritage of the Gironde, and to make them want to know more about it, is the mission that Gironde Tourism has set for itself.

So the objective is to attract tourists, but not only that… It is also to celebrate the history of the Gironde, to make young people want to discover its iconic places, and thus galvanize the territory.


📣 The Podcast, a New Communication Tool for Tourism


Today, tourist offices have every interest in integrating podcasts into their content strategy. This format allows you to travel through sound and discover a territory in a different way!

 This is your audio brochure! It is complementary with a visual brochure.

Depending on the form it takes, the podcast can bring a story to life, even if it is many years old. The podcast comes in several formats, and here we will talk about the narrative podcast since it is this format that was chosen, and it is one of the most immersive when it comes to tourism communication.

Music and sound effects that accompany narration make the podcast more lively than ever and encourage listeners to learn more.

A format of less than 5 minutes can be enough to make a listener want to come and discover more about your heritage.

The podcast allows you to project yourself in a given place

It allows the listener to be immersed in the audio, by telling a story related to a place in your territory. It is by arousing emotion that the podcast manages to immerse its listener in the desired atmosphere and helps them to project themselves in this place.

An accessible format with regular consumption

Using sound is also about making your story, your region, accessible to anyone, anywhere. The advantage of a podcast is that it can be consumed in any situation.

In fact, it requires passive attention since it requires only hearing. One can listen to it while doing something else at the same time. Contrary to visual content which requires more active attention and cannot be consumed when the audience is active.

For example, a city dweller who takes the subway in the morning to go to work can travel by listening to a podcast!

A complementary media to promote a territory

Finally, the podcast is a complementary method to other tourism actions to enhance the image of its territory. It allows to awaken other senses than the sight and brings an added value to the communication.

👇 In the case of Gironde Tourism, the podcast complements the articles and brochures of Les iconiques en Gironde.  👇


🤠 How to Set up a Podcast for your Tourist Office?

Gironde Tourisme made the link between the importance of podcasts in tourism and its needs in terms of territorial promotion. It is the union of these two elements that gave birth to the podcast series La minute iconique.

To give the podcast the expected effect, several factors come into account. In fact, the good quality of production of a narrative format is essential for its success and this requires several ingredients.




Creation of a podcast opening specific to the series

The podcast opening is the first thing the listener hears when listening to the episode. It helps to fully immerse the listener in the brand’s atmosphere, reflecting the values of the territory and following the tone of the narrative.

Discover the creation details of the podcast opening of Gironde Tourisme within the client case.

With its entertaining podcast format and its pleasant and luminous department, Gironde Tourisme had to highlight the values of joy, discovery, and dynamism in its credits.


The podcast openings are the time for creativity ! It’s up to you to choose the values of your territory that you wish to highlight, to interpret the history of your region through audio and to call out to the listeners at the beginning of the episode with music that represents you.


Voice-overs to embody iconic characters

In its podcasts, Gironde Tourisme presents several historical characters from different eras who worked in the Gironde department. These characters are played by professional actors who bring them to life.

 To find the voices capable of telling the story perfectly, Getasound organized a voice-over casting. The goal was to select the voices that would best embody the historical characters of the Gironde.

The objective is reached, since the podcasts of La minute Iconique allow us to meet emblematic figures of the Girondin heritage, such as Montesquieu, Marguerite de France, or François Daleau, in the most real way.


Musical Design to Bring Stories to Life

Within the framework of tourism communication, the musical design associated with the podcast is what makes it possible to dive and make people travel through the audio.

La minute iconique is no exception to the rule and offers a real sound journey.

How ? By offering content that instantly takes listeners to the heart of the Gironde and its anecdotes.

The sound effects (birdsong, trickling, and all kinds of sound effects) give us the sensation of jumping back in time and being transported to the most iconic places of the Gironde.

A jovial and enriching atmosphere emanates from these sound effects that blend the podcast into reality, and invite listeners to experience all facets of the environment presented.


The Importance of the Editorial Policy in a Podcast

If the podcast form is very important, you should not forget the content !
In a narrative format like la minute iconique, the editorial policy is essential to create a good podcast. It’s all about writing a good script to transmit the desired message.

It’s Gironde Tourisme that brilliantly wrote the texts of its podcasts (👏), Getasound’s role was to give them life !



✔️ Conclusion

🎧  Listen to the series La minute iconique  of Gironde Tourisme.

You have understood that the podcast if a way of communication that is developing more and more in tourism ! It allows the listener to travel in your territory through the sense of hearing.

If Gironde Tourisme has opted for narrative type podcasts for its undeniable advantages, tourist offices are free to choose the format that best suits them and that highlights the desired attributes. Moreover, we can note other initiatives in the sector, such as the Brittany Region with its series Demi-Sel, or the Seine Saint Denis with its series En mouvement.

The podcast offers you numerous possibilities pour to promote your territory. Conversations between local actors, audio reports, guided tours, highlighting interesting anecdotes : the choice is yours !



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