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The Price of Creating a Podcast

What is the Price of Podcast Creation?   If you’re looking to get into this trendy format, you’ve probably already asked yourself the question, “How much does it cost to create a podcast?” Every year, the number of French people who listen to native podcasts or radio replay increases by 52% (Harris Media) And many brands are also starting to

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Add Sonic Branding to your Brand Strategy

What is Sonic Branding and What is its Purpose ?   The visual identity has become an essential part of corporate communication. Nevertheless, there are other levers that allow you to develop your brand image. In fact, sonic branding is a rapidly expanding field. In recent years, the advent of the video format has contributed to a popularized use of

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3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Audio Logo

How to Create a Memorable Audio Logo ?   As we explained in a previous article, the audio logo acts as an audio signature for the brand. Its interest is therefore to be recognized and memorized by the listeners.  Therefore, you should think about these objectives when you are going to create your audio logo. In this article, you will

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A study on the efficiency of the audio logo

A Study on the Efficiency of Audio Logo Over the years, sound production has increased considerably (especially thanks to the development of home studios). Listening to music has also become part of our daily lives with the rise of music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer or even Soundcloud. To be part of this musical consumption trend, brands are developing

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