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Why will the press soon not be able to do without audio?

Why Will the Press Soon Not be Able to Do Without Audio ?   With the emergence of the Internet, newspapers are less and less used and had to be replaced by online articles. In fact, the press had to go digital to continue to reach its audience. Currently, audio is growing in consumption, so much so that 87% of French

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Promoting your territory thanks to podcasts: case of Gironde Tourisme

Promoting Your Territory Thanks to Podcasts: Case of Gironde Tourisme   The 2020 pandemic period was difficult on many sectors, especially tourism, which was strongly affected by health restrictions. At the same time, the podcast format has experienced a 48% increase in listening in France over the same year. Territories must double their efforts to bring back visitors, and the

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Add Sonic Branding to your Brand Strategy

What is Sonic Branding and What is its Purpose ?   The visual identity has become an essential part of corporate communication. Nevertheless, there are other levers that allow you to develop your brand image. In fact, sonic branding is a rapidly expanding field. In recent years, the advent of the video format has contributed to a popularized use of

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Sound Design for a Podcast

How to Create a Sound Design for your Podcast ? After recording your podcast, the world of post-production unfolds for you.  The post-production allows obtaining a podcast ready for broadcasting by applying several treatments such as de-rushing, mixing and sound design ! This last step turns out to be crucial to offer an immersive sound experience for your listeners. In this

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Improve the Quality of Your Podcasts

Why and How to Make the Post-Production of Your Podcasts ?   Want to launch your own podcast ? Whether it’s for your personal pleasure, or to advertise your brand (or both), there are technical details to consider. Listen to these two extracts (Sportcast – Sud Ouest) :  Did you hear the difference ? The one that strikes us the

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