Enhance your Expertise Through Podcasting

How to Add Value to your Expertise by Using Podcasts in Your Content Strategy ?


Being all the rage for the last few years, the podcast is still attracting the French. Indeed, 2 out of 3 listeners of native podcasts were not listening to them a year ago!


In addition, it is interesting to point out that according to a study conducted by the CSA (end of 2019), 89% of listeners consume it for information.


Thus, this media represents a great opportunity for brands that want to speak out and show their expertise by addressing the problems of their target. This is one of the reasons why more and more companies are interested in this format and launching their own branded podcast.

In fact, it’s about a particularly interesting format for :

  • Displaying your skills and your knowledge; 
  • Showing your legitimacy in your working field;
  • Creating closeness and a trusting relationship with the audience.


However, podcast (like all media) can take various forms. We will therefore see how to produce your podcasts in order to add value to your expertise. 

Here are several podcast formats you can produce to showcase your expertise.

👂 The tutorial


The tutorial is an excellent way to promote your expertise. Like a blog post that answers a question, you can attract people who are interested in your solutions. The podcast is a format that is perfectly adapted to tutorials because all you have to do is listen: the listener has his hands free and can follow the tutorial while doing something else.

How to Produce a Podcast Tutorial ?

In a Narrative format :

  • Record a professional voiceover that will simply explain your topic to your listener’s ear (sound design will make the content fun!). The narrative format is particularly relevant for a tutorial. It creates a certain closeness with the listener and allows for a clear and practical explanation.

In a Conversational Format :

  • Stage the tutorial by having two people interact around your tutorial. This can be one of your employees and an outside guest. (an expert, an influencer or a person representing your typical customer). 


Examples of Podcast Tutorials

The Tutorials of Gamm Vert : Jardiner au Fil des Saisons

The brand’s podcast series gives listeners tips on maintaining their garden. In the form of a dialogue, the show’s hosts discuss the topic of gardening. A perfect example of how the brand’s expertise can be showcased.

LinkedIn Case : Le Profil de l’Emploi

Based on the employment theme, the editor-in-chief of LinkedIn France, as well as experts and influencers, give advice to job seekers, who are invited to testify. The brand can thus demonstrate its mastery of the subject and its positioning in the employment sector.

The tutorials of Tinder : DRT (Define The Relationship)

In her tutorials, the journalist and famous guests give us advice to better understand the new parameters of love 2.0. Tinder demonstrates its mastery of relationships in the digital age.




👁‍🗨 Decoding 


Slightly different from the tutorial, decoding allows you to bring your expertise to your listeners by enlightening them on a complex notion.

Thus, it is to explain a subject or a concept specific to your sector. You will be able to study it in order to develop it and explain it to your public.

You can go further by decoding a news topic, which will allow you to show that you are aware of the latest trends in your sector. Decoding makes it possible to have a more in-depth analysis and/or discussion on the approached subject. Indeed, it allows you to show that you have a real vision of your sector and a well-defined positioning.


How to Produce a “Decoding” Podcast ?

In a Narrative Format :

  • Record a high-quality voiceover that fully explains the topic. A good sound design will make the explanation more dynamic.

In a Conversational Format :

  • Organize a debate / deciphering between collaborators of your company.
  • Organize a debate / deciphering between your teams and experts of the sector.


Exemples de podcasts décryptages et explications de sujet

Analyse du cas Reebok Classic : Flipping The Game

The presenter gives the floor to experts, entrepreneurs and influencers. They talk and interact about the future of sneakers and the steps we need to take to achieve gender equality: a way to present a future vision of the market.

Le cas Supernatifs : Le Super Daily

The Supernatifs agency, specialized in social media, has launched a podcast to share its expertise on its sector. Using current events and social media news (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…), the team proves to listeners that they are capable of reacting to news in their sector.

Decipherings of Mazars Société d’Avocats : Blockchain Talks

About the notion of blockchain, the law firm’s teams will go into depth on the subject and decipher the “Blockchain Revolution”: a way to show their ability to deconstruct a complex subject and their serious mastery of the subject.




🎤 The Report 


This format represents 22% of branded podcasts, according to l’observatoire des podcasts de marque (M6).

It consists of gathering information and reporting them. The brand will explain a topic after exploring and studying it from all angles. The report represents a consequent substantive work with often narrative sequences but also sequences caught in the field (dialogue/interview/testimony).

It corresponds to the most advanced format of an explanation of a subject.


How to Produce a Report Podcast?

The report format mixes narrative sequences and conversational sequences.

  • For narrative sequences, a high-quality voiceover will be necessary. It constitutes the central theme of the report.
  •  For conversational sequences, you will need to go on the spot and record dialogues with relevant speakers to present different facets of your subject.
  •  In order to bring together such varied sequences in a coherent podcast, it is essential to take care of the post-production of your content.
  • The use of sound design is necessary to facilitate the flow of your story.

Examples of Report Podcasts

Doctors Without Borders Case : Le Centre du Monde

In a narrative way and also in the form of a dialogue, the brand suggests an audio immersion in the Pantin center dedicated to unaccompanied minors. The presenter tells the story of this center and gives the floor to employees and minors by meeting them on site. They show that they are aware of the issues at stake in the center and what solutions they bring.

McAffee Case : Hackable ?


In the form of narration and dialogue, the narrator digs into the minds of the cybercriminals with a cybersecurity expert and gives us an in-depth view of the vulnerabilities we face. In doing so, they showcase their ability to convey complex technical topics and make them easy to understand. McAfee, being an anti-virus software, allows them to display their expertise through their knowledge of the hack and the problems that arise from it.


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