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The Price of Creating Sonic Branding

What is the Price of Sonic Branding Creation ?   Some companies, often the smallest ones, don’t have the courage to create a musical universe for their brand. Among the reluctance that we observe, it is the audio branding creation price that comes up most often. : “How much does it cost to create an audio branding?”, “I have no idea

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Choose Royalty-Free Music: We Tell you All about it !

What is Royalty-Free Music and Where to Find it ? “Royalty-Free” is a term that is misunderstood by many professionals. Let’s focus on this topic to better understand it. This article will help you choose royalty-free music.   👉 Let’s Start with Non-Royalty-Free Music ! In fact, if we talk about royalty-free music, there is inevitably the opposite, those that are not

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